Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The perceived sacrifice of those in service is a matter of perspective and values.

Batman is a man with a vocation. He has an unavoidable calling to fight crime. Like anyone who follows a demanding vocation; Priest, Soldier, or English Teacher, he knows that sacrifices will be made in the name of service. Batman has sacrificed his identity, his fortune, and his love life.

Batman has mercilessly held himself to serve the people of Gotham. He has given up what most would consider "a life". He, and anyone near him, is in constant danger. There are no vacations, no sick days, and no weekends in his war. Constant vigilance is his burden. Others would see this as a sacrifice that no man should bear. They would say that a man who lives like this has no life at all. Batman pities such timid souls.

Batman has what he sees as the best life. He gains purpose and a true feeling of accomplishment from his duty. The sacrifices are rewarded with a sense of purpose and purity of mission that most never feel. Does a banker wake up every day and know he will save a life? Batman knows this, and he also knows that his mission does not allow him the soft, easy life of the family man.

Batman has had women, the extraordinary women that are drawn to such a unique man. Women like Selina Kyle, Talia, and Zatanna would hold the average American man in benign pity, yet they all fell to the Batman. Batman let them see the man inside, and then put the cowl back on to follow his one try love; the war.


  1. I agree with what you said in your blog about Batman drawing many amazing women to him, even though he pushes them aside in the end to follow his true love: the war on crime. These are women that the average guy would do many terrible, nameless things to have, but Batman gets them -no effort required- like its no big deal....and then in the end doesn't want/need them. Ahh...the awesomeness that is Batman.

  2. I never thought of it as Batman drawing these women in but, it is so very true. The fact that he loves fighting crime so much that he has no time for a woman makes more sense than any of the other reasons why Batman can't stay in a relationship; including the ones I thought of. This is one of the best arguments I've heard about why Batman can't stay in a relationship, and the fact that you did in with so few words only makes it stronger. Keep up the good work.